Desk Setup in a Warehouse with a Sit Stand Desk, Ergonomic chair and Floor Mat

The Story of ABLE Desk Co

We started as a small team, all working in the ergonomic furniture business. Our vision: build the best standing desk at a price more people could afford. Democratize the standing desk, bring healthy movement to all—build a desk that doesn’t feel like its low price tag, a desk that’s smart, solid, dependable—a desk we would want ourselves.

We started by testing all the best low-priced standing desks on the market. We found desks that wobbled, desks that tilted when we leaned on them, desks that felt more like plastic—flimsy and cold to the touch. Every wrong way to cut costs, these desks had done it.

Our strategy: Only the best components—cut the extras, not the quality. If it doesn’t make the desk better, it goes. And instead of dividing our focus among a long list of products, we would put all our attention on a small but solid selection of healthy workspaces.

Months passed, parts were tested and sent back, prototypes were built, until we finally had a desk we could stand behind, a desk we are proud to bring to you: the unbeatable, affordable, adjustable ABLE standing desk.

Two Team Office Setups with Monitor and Laptop Mount and a Standing Desk Converter

Why Moving Matters

When you sit for long stretches, your metabolism slows. That’s bad for your health, bad for your energy, bad for productivity. Stand all day and you’ll be feeling it in your legs, your knees, your feet—probably in your back too.

The answer, according to health experts: keep moving. When you change position from sitting to standing throughout the day, your circulation improves, your body feels better, you bring more energy and focus to your work. That’s what you get with ABLE: an adjustable desk that keeps you energized and productive by letting you quickly and easily adjust to whatever position feels right.

The vision was to build a quality standing desk that more people could afford. Democratize the standing desk, bring healthy movement to all.